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Josh Maxim


Counter Strike: Global Offensive 


Ever since I was a kid, my true passion was Counter Strike. I remember watching my brother playing this game and how focused he was to win at it. Now, it’s my turn to play this game and for this reason I have decided to write a couple of words about this franchise.

As you all Counter Strike fans know the new Counter Strike: Global Offensive has launched. Believe it or not, it has been more than 10 years ever since the first version of this game (get top rated details) has appeared and it is still a game loved by millions of players.

As you may know, until now there were two important versions of this game: the version 1.6 launched in 2003 and the version called Source launched in 2004. The main difference between these two are as you know the graphics.

But know let’s talk about the latest version of this game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This game actually comes with a design and a main interface that gives us the impression of a mature and polished game, created to give the player a more pleasant experience - see best methods.

At the beginning of the game we have at our dispose a short, but a good tutorial to gives us the chance to accommodate, yet there is also a written guide that teaches us all the concepts that we need in order to have a good performance during the game.

In order to practice our strategies or to accommodate with diverse weapons without making a fool of ourselves, the game has the option to create offline matches, with bots with a bigger or smaller intelligence – that’s all up to our choice. There are six levels of difficulty so in order to be a hardcore player, the offline option will be a real help for you - click for top option.

The new CS:GO come with an interesting proposal: taking into account that until now CS has the Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue modes, from this moment on Cs come with another two game modes: Arms Race and Demolition.

Arm Race is a mode of the game which exists for a long time in CS, but only now has been adopted official by the producers of the game.

Demolition is a mix among Bomb Defusal and Arm Race, that means the weapon can’t be selected as you wish, but you will have progressive weapons. The rules of the game are exactly the same like in Bomb Defusal. For this game are conceived and available 6 maps.

The selection of the server is now different because now there are 2 sections: official severs and private servers. The official servers comes with a matchmaking system based on skill, so you will be introduced only in server where there players at the same level as yours. In private servers we find the old browser of servers which is indeed utile like it used to be.

To sum up, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive wasn’t created to revolutionize the CS series. It is still the same, but with a beautiful design.